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    IMO Arthur Brown should be our guy

    So after watching tons and tons of youtube clips and college games that I recorded through out the year on TV (I do this every year knowing that I'll have a use for it during the draft period ofc, and because I love watching college games) of all of the "draftable" prospects at ILB/OLB. I have come to the conclusion that Arthur Brown is my favorite prospect this year. Let me go one crazy step further and say that he is SIMILAR to Ray Lewis COMING out of Miami. Now you may go away and go "oh shut up Leach, no one will ever be like Ray Lewis again!" I absolutely agree with you, I'm comparing him as a PROSPECT, and he will never be close to the leader Ray Lewis is either. I like a lot of the LB prospects this year, and I'd be happy with most of them as picks, but Arthur Brown is my second favorite prospect in this draft, behind Kenny Vaccoro, who I'm pretty sure we have a much smaller chance of getting than Arthur Brown.

    Arthur Brown can be considered under sized at around 6'0 and 225 lbs or whatever he played at in the 2012 season. However, at the combine he weighed in at 241 lbs which is the same weight as Manti Te'o weighed in at btw. He has great instincts, perhaps better than Mati Te'o, which is supposed to be his biggest strength, he has side line to side line speed that not even Ogletree has IMO (Ogletree has more straight line speed and is a little better in coverage and is a better overall athlete), he chases the play down and plays to the whistle. He tackles anything that runs at him, I see him miss very few tackles. He is pretty good in coverage and would without question step in as our best coverage LB if we do end up drafting him.

    He CAN get caught up in traffic and can get overpowered/eaten up by guards, especially at the second level, I've seen him get driven back a few times, and this allowed some big running plays on his side of the field. This was most likely because he was playing at 225 lbs, and I'm pretty damn sure a coaching staff like ours can easily coach him up on that, we've done that with just about every undrafted LB we've had starting here, so I think they could do wonders with such a talented player with such huge upside.

    In the end, Ozzie is going to make the pick and he knows way more than I or anyone else on this board knows about college players obviously. If he doesn't think Arthur Brown would be a good pick at 32, then he isn't going to pick him (if he's there), and I'd be happy with that, but I from what I've seen of him, I'd be absolutely all over him if he's sitting there on Thursday night waiting for a call by the time we're on the clock. I think Arthur Brown's best natural fit is playing as a weak side LB in a 4-3, but honestly, that means very little in todays league, he'd be just as good a player as a will LB in our 3-4 scheme playing the athletic type role next to maybe Rolando McClain who could just concentrate and being a run thumper, which is where his strength is. And in no way am I saying if we do pick him, he's going to be as good as what Ray Lewis was, I was just comparing him to Ray coming out of Miami because of his field speed, ferocious physical play for someone that isn't really big, and lack of size, which were all traits Ray Lewis had in 1996. I think he can become a pro bowl LB in the NFL and has huge upside and I think he'd be a very good player in Baltimore.

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    Re: IMO Arthur Brown should be our guy

    I agree he's a great player, leach, and he may be the best thing on the board at 32. But I really hope not.

    Maybe I'm a bit too comforted by all the defensive signings we've made, and we are still clearly deficient at safety. But I think we need a receiver and an offensive lineman a bit more than another ILB.

    I just looked at the roster on The Ravens currently have 14 linebackers, some of which I didn't know about (Spencer Adkins?). Anyway, from what I remember Nigel Carr, the McClains, Josh Bynes, and Albert McClellan are the ILBs, and they want to move Bryan Hall to ILB as well, yeah? There are definitely a lot of ifs in that group, but I feel better about that group than I feel about our current WR corps, OL and safeties.


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