Just in case anyone missed it, here's Filmstudy's grading on Oher;

Michael Oher
2012 Role: Starting LT for the regular season, Starting RT for the playoffs (1,256 snaps, 98%).
What was there to like about his season? He was an iron man, playing the most offensive snaps of any Raven.
When did he play best? Von Miller wreaked havoc across the Ravens’ front, but Oher handled him well in the divisional game at Denver.
When did he play poorly? He lowest 6 scores among his starts at LT were all in the .50’s, so picking the worst of those is like choosing the worst episode of Three’s Company. In a listless season finale versus the Bengals, he missed 13 blocks and allowed 2.5 sacks in action split between LT and RT, but several of the Ravens linemen didn’t look like they were trying that day.
What was the matchup he most dominated? Oher’s best performance of the regular season came in week 10 versus the Raiders when he handled (primarily) Andre Carter as the Ravens cruised to a 55-20 win. He scored a .85 that game, but otherwise did not score over .77 during the regular season.
What does he need to do better? He needs to rediscover the block-to-the-whistle physicality which made him an effective RT in his rookie year. As a pass blocker, he’s always had the advantage of timing mechanisms the Ravens have employed with Birk at center that helped him get off quickly. It will be interesting to see if those will still be in place with Gradkowski. During the regular season, I charged him with a total of 11.17 sacks. PFF does not score them as I do, but they show only the Arizona turnstiles (Batiste and Massie) as tackles that allowed more sacks than Oher during the regular season. There were another handful of tackles who had more sacks allowed per snap played.
Grades: Play D+, Value D-, Developmental D. If I were to break down his play grade, I’d say he was a D- at LT and a C+ at RT. His aggregate score was .64 in his 16 starts at LT, but .76 in his 4 playoff starts at RT. His set of circumstances has never been easy and 2012 was no different with no good blocking TEs and a weak group of LGs playing next to him prior to the playoffs, but I don’t see any reason to project success at LT prospectively