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    OT: Jarvis Jones run a 4.9 at Pro Day

    Obviously the 40 time isn't everything but geez you had 300 pound lineman running faster than that

    A 40 time isn’t everything: As former NFL general manager Charley Casserly noted on NFL Network, Jones’s 40 is comparable to the 40 that Terrell Suggs ran at his Pro Day, a workout that had some people downgrading Suggs but didn’t dissuade the Ravens from spending a Top 10 pick on him — and didn’t stop Suggs from becoming one of the NFL’s best defensive players. But Suggs is also 260 pounds. In the next breath, Casserly said he couldn’t remember any linebackers Jones’s size (245 pounds) who were able to overcome a 4.9-second 40 and still play well in the NFL.

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    Re: OT: Jarvis Jones run a 4.9 at Pro Day

    I heard Pat Kirwan talking about it today. He said there are a lot of teams that have a max 40 time for these guys and if they can't hit it, they're off the list. Suggs aside, it's usually not a good thing
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    Re: OT: Jarvis Jones run a 4.9 at Pro Day

    Whats priceless about the 40 time was his proclamation of being the best player in the draft prior to running it.

    Question is do you believe the tape or do you believe the stopwatch.

    Jones played at a very high level in the SEC against some really good competition. My gut tells me he drops like a rock and someone gets a really good bargain on him.
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    Re: OT: Jarvis Jones run a 4.9 at Pro Day

    I'd take him in a heartbeat. Since most of the folks on this forum know football, we all understand "shorts" speed vs. "game" speed.

    Boldin ran a 4.72 forty. A pro-bowl caliber WR that's only 2/10 of a second faster than a linebacker?

    Oz trades out of the first again, grabs those boys from Georgia, and all of a sudden our defense is a beast.
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    Re: OT: Jarvis Jones run a 4.9 at Pro Day

    If Jarvis Jones fell to 32 he'd be a Raven. That's a lock
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    Re: OT: Jarvis Jones run a 4.9 at Pro Day

    I think this is a great example of how much more important tape is than shorts/t-shirt metrics.

    Seriously, the guy is a player and is an ideal 3-4 rush OLB.

    That said, this does make you wonder a bit about his work ethic, which [right or wrong] has been called out during the combine process. Running a good 40-time is more about technique than anything, but if he knew that all eyes would be on him because he was a potential top 10 pick, you'd think that he would have dedicated more time to producing a better 40 time.

    What I am more interested in, and to my knowledge hasn't been posted yet, is what his 10-yard split was. That 10-yard split is the most important aspect for a pass rusher, IMO.

    Greg Cossell also said that if Jones were 260-265lbs, this probably wouldn't be as worrisome, but the fact that he is 240-245lbs, it is and it should make scouts and GMs worry a bit.
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