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    Re: What's Your Favorite Ed Reed Moment?

    Quote Originally Posted by The Excellector View Post
    I remember. "That was an absolute horrible decision to throw that ball by Kevin Kolb." Then the play by play guy. "Well, take us through". Back to color commentator: "First off, I don't like the play call, throwing it from your own one. Ed Reed was on this ball the whole way, he baited Kevin Kolb into throwing that football, and then undercut it and took it back to the house".

    How blessed is our franchise to have had 3 of the all time greats at their position not only play for the franchise but all play together. Ogden, Lewis and Reed. The holy trinity of Ravens football till now.
    A linebacker's job is to knock out running backs, to knock out receivers, to chase the football,
    -Ray Lewis

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    Re: What's Your Favorite Ed Reed Moment?

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    106yd return against the browns in 2004. Browns were down at the goaline, final 45 seconds, getting ready to tie the game. Reed snatches it, takes it the distance, and wins the game for us. Thing about that game was that the first 59 minutes of it were one of the most boring uneventful games ever, and the thought of going into overtime and choking it up to the browns was torturous. But one game changing play at the very end and we are still talking about it 10 years later.
    That for me was it because I was at that game sitting in the endzone where Reed picked the ball. That was the most amazing play I've ever seen in person. The ball was literally inches from hitting the turf and Reed snatched it and was gone.

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    Re: What's Your Favorite Ed Reed Moment?

    Quote Originally Posted by GOTA View Post
    2004 at the Redskins. The Ravens are down 10-0 at the half and Kyle Boller is just terrible. Jamal Lewis is moving the ball but it's only because he's running the ball twice for every pass attempt. It's looking bad and the only thing that's going to save things are some big plays by the defense.

    Ed Reed takes over in the second half. He comes in on a blitz and it's so quick and violent that Mark Brunell drops the ball. Ed picks it up and runs it back for a score. Now he's in Brunell's head. Brunell can't seem to figure our where Reed is going to pop out next and throws a bad pick to Deion. He then starts holding the ball too long and getting sacked. They put Reed and Deion on the return team and the Redskins don't know who to cover and allow BJ Sams to return a punt for a TD. Ed Reed is beating the Redskins mentally as much as physically. Boller throws 3 picks and passes for 80 yards but the Redskins don't get another point. The Ravens win 17-10.

    That was the power of Ed Reed in his prime. It was also the year he won the Defensive Player of the Year Award.
    Skins 2008 was boring and ended with like ridiculos only five minutes games time. Reason Ed.

    Two Ed Reed play game over. Our offense played terrible that day, their offense was helpless

    But the single best play.. I am on the same page as OP, it has to be the pick six against Phins.

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    Re: What's Your Favorite Ed Reed Moment?

    My personal favorite was the 2008 game vs the Eagles. My dad and I were sitting in the corner of the near endzone, and the play was taking place in the far corner of the far endzone. My dad says "I hate when theyre all the way down there - I cant see". It was kind of like Reed heard him...within a couple of plays he picked off Kolb's pass in the far corner, ran down the far sideline and cut over toward the middle and eventually ran across the goal line right in front of us.

    "Ask, and ye shall receive."


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