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    Re: Openning Game 2013 Season Now an Away Game (Merged)

    I wonder how much Harbaugh had to say about that, everything I have seen re: Harbs say is that he wanted to play Thursday no matter what, wanting the extra days rest for wk 2

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    Re: Openning Game 2013 Season Now an Away Game (Merged)

    Quote Originally Posted by Raven Werewolf View Post
    At least we get the Thursday nighter out of the way without having to deal with the 3-day turnaround. And I predict that whenever our home opener is it will surely be primetime.
    The Ravens still have to play an additional Thursday night game unless they negotiated that with this snafu this would be their only one (highly unlikely). The difference now is that hopefully the other thursday game will be at home.

    Remember last year the Giants opened at home on Wed. and played Carolina a few weeks later in NC on a Thursday night.

    No matter how you slice it this is a effed up as it comes. Baltimore is a laughingstock around the country.

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    Re: Openning Game 2013 Season Now an Away Game (Merged)

    Check out Tony's new thread on this subject at SCHEDULE-GATE: NFL Sticks it to Baltimore!
    In a 2003 BBC poll that asked Brits to name the "Greatest American Ever", Mr. T came in fourth, behind ML King (3rd), Abe Lincoln (2nd) and Homer Simpson (1st).


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