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    Re: Ravens to make Ellerbe an offer

    Quote Originally Posted by Benny8444 View Post
    we have the cap space to sign players from other teams as well esp if Leach is cut and Boldin plus BA. Plus bobbie williams was cut and I would not be surprised if Cody is cut as well to open more space.
    Doubtful they cut Cody. He's due to earn $630k in base. He won't be re-signed after this season, but I don't see Ozzie cutting a player making barely above league minimum.

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    Re: Ravens to make Ellerbe an offer

    Here's a scenario : The Ravens offered Cary Wms a 3 year, $15 mil. contract before the 2012 season. He turned it down and is very likely to wear another uniform in 2013. Could his unspent $$$ be applied on Ellerbe, and we'd keep the ILB we desperately need? Perhaps life domino theory applies here. Hmmm... Bc

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    Re: Ravens to make Ellerbe an offer

    Quote Originally Posted by RavenScallywag View Post
    that's all fine and good, but you can't tell me Ozzie isn't having some near panic attacks over the thought of a LB corps where Ray is gone, Ellerbe is gone, McClain may still be injured (and not great), and your top options are BA, Bynes, and McClellan...

    If Ellerbe signs somewhere else, we're going to HAVE to bring in some sort of vet with starting ability.
    See, I don't think Ozzie IS all that worried. If you had told me in summer 2010 that we'd win the Super Bowl in 2013 with 37 year old Ray Lewis (who I wouldn't have guessed would still be playing) paired with Ellerbe at ILB I'd have said you're nuts.

    I'm not going with the overplayed "next man up" crap here either, because the "next man" isn't necessarily going to be as good as the last man (or he wouldn't be the "next" man). I do understand that we can't let everyone go. But ... can we really sit here right now and say that Bynes/McClellan/rookie/cheap vet is going to be that bad? Especially if we get a real NT in the draft?

    It's all very interesting at this point, but just looking at the Jameel McClain deal -- even THAT is looking like an albatross around our salary-cap-necks (just on performance and value; I don't factor the injury because anyone can be injured). And McClain's deal is nothing compared to what people are talking about with Ellerbe. Do the Ravens really want to sink another... $5-6M a year into that position?

    I don't think they do. I think they wish Ellerbe was still around another year on his old deal, that's what!


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