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Gerrymandering happens all over the country. The party in power manipulates geographic boundaries in an effort to remain in power. System sucks, but that's the way it is.
Of course it does, but that is my point. When Ehrlich was governor, there wasn't talk of secession because there was no reason to. Central Maryland wasn't disenfranchised in any fashion.

O'Malley took gerrymandering to a whole new level this time around, blatantly doing it for a political gain that was a big FUCK YOU to western Maryland and the Eastern Shore. He doesn't care(and I'd say it's even more along the lines of "dislikes") about Marylanders who don't fall lockstep into his corrupt socialist regime.

It sounds farfetched to some, but history tells us this has happened before, and always because of political divides. We have Maine, Kentucky, Tennessee and W. Virginia because of county secessions.