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Before I bring up several arguments against all you read option apologists, when was the last time a team won the SB without running a normal NFL pro style offense? Aaron Rogers can get out of the pocket, extend plays, and run for firsts downs, so can Roethlisberger, hell even Flacco is an underrated athlete and can escape pressure (as seen in the SB). But they are all QBs who stand in the pocket and win games off their arm, not their legs.

I think the option can work to some extent, but I'm not sure if you can win a SB running that offense, and without a QB who can throw the ball at an elite level. A team is never going to win anything with a QB who wants to run before throwing. Then there is the injury factor that plays into it. Once NFL defenses start getting more experience playing against these offenses, and spending the time in the film room, the speed and physicality will soon catch up with it,
What, exactly, is a "normal pro style" offense? I mean, it wasn't all that long ago that Green Bay's variation on the fun and gun was considered a gimmicky college offense that couldn't work in the NFL, but now we've apparently re-branded it as tradiitional professional offense?