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I personally see these three as a good place to save cap space. Non-Tender them all and offer Vet min deals or close to it. I'm actually OK with ravor's idea of giving Cox a 5 year deal with a 6 figure bonus and Vet Min salaries. He is very good, jsut not worth $1m in capspace.
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As JB had alluded to, I had proposed the following deal in the prior RFA thread:

They could also do like they did with his predeceasor (Matt Katula) and give him say a 5-year deal with basically minimum salaries and a $600K bonus. That would mean he'd make close ($600K + $630K base = $1.23M) to the RFA tender amount, but would make his 2013 cap number $750K, so there'd still be a decent amount of Cap savings from the $1.3M RFA tender.

Also, understanding that his replacement, even if a rookie (and untested), would be making at least $405K.