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    Re: Reed: I'm a Raven, waiting for a call

    Quote Originally Posted by HotInHere View Post
    Sorry folks, but Ed will be wearing the horseshoes. It just makes too much sense.

    Indy has $46 million in cap money to spend. And with the new salary floor, they HAVE to spend some money. Ed is probably looking for 2 years, maybe 3. Indy could do that for him, with a huge cap number each year, and no dead money to deal with when Ed comes off the books in a couple years. At that point they have to think about pricey extensions for Luck and their other younguns, but until then, the salary cap is a meaningless concept for them.

    I think Pags would love to have Ed to mentor his young team, help them understand his defense, learn to watch film, etc. Plus he still brings significant skills to the party. They can not only afford to overpay Ed, it actually may help them to do so.
    Yeah I agree with this. It would be nothing for Indy to give Reed a front loaded deal. Plus, they have a young team that could use some veteran leadership which Reed would provide.

    I personally have heard from one Ravens' coach that doesn't believe Reed will be back. Again nobody really knows what will happen though. It's just going to have to play out.

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    Re: Reed: I'm a Raven, waiting for a call

    Quote Originally Posted by HoustonRaven View Post
    This is the same tale of woe we hear from Reed every time his contract comes up.
    I watched that entire segment and I didn't hear any tale of woe from Ed Reed. What I did hear:

    1. He feels healthier now than he has over the past few years and is working closely with a doctor to keep himself that way.

    2. He believes he brings a lot to the table, both on and off the field and has 2-3 good years left.

    3. He thinks quarterbacks get paid too much in comparison to other positions, but "it is what it is" and he is glad Joe got his big contract, as he deserves it.

    4. He was gracious towards the Ravens' organization and wants to be remain a Raven. (In fact, the title of the video "I'd win two Super Bowls with NE", isn't even what he said. He was asked if New England would win a Super Bowl with him on the roster and he said, "they'd win two." That could very well have referred to the last two years and not the future.)

    5. He is more interested in building his foundation and working with kids than he is in getting endorsement deals. It doesn't sound to me as if money is the biggest thing for him.

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    Re: Reed: I'm a Raven, waiting for a call

    I read an article today on National Football Post about something that I wrote about in response to one of Tony's blogs. With the signing of Joe Flacco, and the elite QBs of today taking up 15% or more of the cap, coaches and GMs are going to have to rely heavily on their scouts and coaching staff to find good serviceable cheap players for the positions that use to be taken up by other expensive players. The author, Jack Betcha stated that positions such as the offensive line, linebacker and safety are the positions that are going to suffer financially now that a new threshold of $20M + quarterbacks are on the horizon and the salary cap is not increasing enough to support it.

    Which leads me to my next comment. I don't believe Ed Reed will be playing for the Ravens anymore unless he accepts a contract for about 1/3 of what he was making last year. You are talking about a 35 year old player who can barely make a tackle, has had serious health issues, with his neck and hip surgeries and is one play away from retirement. When the Ravens allowed Ray Lewis to test the market, he was a younger, much healthier man who still was playing at a fairly high level. Plus, he was the face of the franchise. Ed Reed is not the face of the franchise. Joe Flacco is and will be the face going forward, like most upper echelon QBs are. The Ravens will be changing their business model gradually going forward and you will see less top 5 salaried players on the team. Our team will be gravitating toward the New England Patriots model which is a few top paid players and everyone else is moderately paid. Paying Ed Reed top dollar is not in the Raven's plans, regardless of his past achievements and legacy. Frankly, I welcome the change and I would like to see the defense get a lot younger and faster so that offenses can't march up and down on us like they did last year.
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    Re: Reed: I'm a Raven, waiting for a call

    ATL just re-signed William Moore for 5/$30M.

    So we've seen two S's sign so far:

    George Wilson (veteran) for $2M/year.
    William Moore (in his prime) for $6M/year.

    Reed falls somewhere in between.


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