Lauren Silberman, the first woman to try out for an NFL team, via the Regional Combine at the Meadowlands...absolutely BALLED up her tryout. Like, she did about what I could do kicking a ball.

What's weird, to me, is you see a video later into the piece where she kicked a ball through the uprights at some sort of "Fan Experience" type thing. I mean, the distance there is closer, but still...she managed to kick the ball up through the uprights from at least 15-20 yards away.

During the combine, the kicked the ball...roughly 15 yards. Total. Like not even close to FG height either.

Was this just a publicity stunt? Or did she just decide to pony up 275 bucks on a whim? The sad part is, I'd bet there are MANY women who could do somewhat decently, but THIS is the first thing we see on that storyline.