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    Re: Chiefs sign Bowe to 5 yr deal and tag Albert

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    Where did you read that?

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    I misrepresented. But it's what I've read from the KC media monkeys that have floated the notion for the past two seasons now: kicking Albert inside. For the present, it seems that once Smith was acquired, some in that town think that now is a good time to make it happen with Joker sitting there for the first pick. This notion has also been paired with the idea of paying Albert less at G than he would demand at T, and putting the savings onto Bowe's tag number, or let Bowe walk and put the savings into Jennings or Wallace. Although, once they let Breaston go, I think Bowe was pretty much a lock to stay onboard via tag or new deal.

    Back to Albert, I think he has no doubt heard or read enough of the Guard vs. Tackle sentiment as well. I think that's why he chose to get the "not interested in moving" comment on the record back in January.
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