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In all seriousness, don't be surprised if any of these players join the Ravens:

Let's keep it real, McKinnie put in enough effort to cash in and he ain't putting in that type of effort again. He'll show up to training camp out of shape, as usual. Why go through that when you can bring in Jake Long, IF you can get him for 8 million a year. Don't ask me why I still think that's possible, but..........

As for Randy Moss, it actually makes too much sense. First and foremost, Randy Moss still requires a double team. That hasn't changed. People forget that Moss, in his prime, was a 4.2 guy. So, the idea that he's lost a step or two only puts him around 4.4, which is still pretty darn fast. Second, his presence is a key reason why Crabtree and Davis were able to get those underneath, intermediate looks in the passing offense. He took a safety with him when he went deep. Third, if there was one area where Kaepernick struggled, it was throwing the intermediate-deep passes outside the hash. Where does Moss make his money? In the intermediate-deep range, outside the hash. Where is Joe Flacco the most deadly? In the intermediate-deep range, outside the hash.

Moss wants to play for a contender. Indianapolis was interested in Randy Moss when Caldwell was the Head Coach there. Moss would count for less than half of the amount that Jacoby Jones will count for, toward the cap.

Casey Hampton could be available, mainly, due to his age. If teams are reluctant to pay him the money he deserves, due to his age, he could come here, where he knows he's going to still get a decent amount and win while doing it. His role will be clear and he can clearly fill that role. Hampton in between Ngata and Jones? With Suggs and Upshaw setting the edge? Please. Game over. Number one run defense in the league.
Please don't tell me you are advocating for Moss...