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Flacco looked better pre draft than Glennon has looked. Glennon looked flat out bad at times during the senior bowl game, and that was with Flacco coming from an FCS school.
Flacco didn't look good at the Senior Bowl either.

I'm not in anyway saying that Glennon will be the same player that Joe is, but let's not make Joe out to have been this guy who was a sure thing coming out...most people/scouts thought he was a second round pick.

We took him because we were afraid someone was going to come back into the first to take him...same thing may happen with Glennon.

I'm just saying physically, watching them throw they look similar and the comparison most are making is to Joe.

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Glennon has all the physical talent you need. And predictions are meaningless, but I'd be surprised if he was anything other than a steaming hot pile of mark sanchez if he gets to play in the NFL.
He'll get to play...someone is going to take him and try to make him their franchise QB.

It remains to be seen how good he is though.