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    Re: Compensatory draft picks

    A trade down by New England could actually benefit the Ravens, because it would be one less team making sense with their pick before the Ravens turn comes.
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    Re: Compensatory draft picks

    Quote Originally Posted by Tolucaraven View Post
    it's possible especially if KC doesn't take a QB in the first round. That 32nd pick has more value because KC picks early in the 2nd round. So what KC does with the first pick will affect the value of our pick. I hope they dont take Geno with that selection.
    disagree, if KC makes the collossal mistake of Picking Geno at #1 overall our pick at 32 becomes more valuable, to US.

    Because then, ARI might in fact take Barkley at 7, and then Glennon, Nassib and Tyler Wilson could all be first rounders, which pushes the actual quality draftable players down the totem pole towards us. That's best case scenario, IMO. MIght even make Lane Johnson targetable, with KC and ARI both passing on OT's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RavenScallywag View Post
    woah, how the hell did that happen? Usually, Belichek ends up with like 4 picks in 1st 2 days!
    They traded their 4th for Talib, their 5th and 6th for Haynesworth and Chad Johnson.

    Last year was the first draft in years that they actually drafted players with all those picks they accumulate and didn't trade out for future picks.

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