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    Jared Gaither and the Chargers

    I wonder if they've got a Bryant McKinnie situation happening there...

    Now that the FO and coaching staff has been swept out, they are trying to decide how to handle Gaither. He's played in a grand total of 4 games after getting his big deal, and what's more concerning is after he went on IR, teammates didn't even see him or talk to him until locker cleanout day.

    Of course, we sit here and want to crack jokes, but I wonder if they are just having a lot of the same issues we had with McKinnie. Poor conditioning, not a lot of drive to keep playing football at a high level...McKinnie shaped up, wonder if Gaither will.

    Still recall that after a few minutes of talking to him, Orlando Brown was at Gaither's throat for basically being lazy.
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    Re: Jared Gaither and the Chargers

    Harbaugh tried to get him to see the importance of keeping his body conditioned, to keep him from dealing with the injuries he dealt with. He didn't listen and continued to get hurt.
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    Re: Jared Gaither and the Chargers

    I have seriously never seen as much attention paid to a supplemental draft pick as I have Jared Gaither. He is a legend in this city and he washed out worse than Kyle Boller.

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    Re: Jared Gaither and the Chargers

    what a shame. what a waste. he'll be out of football by 30 and broke by 35.
    I think we're interested because 1) ex-Raven 2)ex-Terp 3)genuinely talented. nobody cares about Sage Rosenfels not making it big at qb but everybody's heard of Ryan Leaf and Jamarcus Russell.
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    Re: Jared Gaither and the Chargers

    I really don't get this guy man.


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