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I will give Tony credibility for his sources. Those who choose to see Harbaugh as incompetent or McKinnie as JO can have their opinion. Based on everything that has happened to date, I can see that Tony's version makes sense.
It's a nice uplifting story--two hard-headed guys, "cooler heads" prevailing," working their way to mutual understanding & appreciation & a triumphant ending to the season.

It might even be mostly true. I've seen similar things happen. (Hell, I've been part of some.)

Right now all that can be said with fairly high confidence that it's the story the Ravens want you to hear.

And that's not a knock on anyone involved (McKinnie, Harbaugh, the Ravens, the sources, or Tony)--it's just a realistic conclusion based on how media-savvy organizations (like the Ravens) play the publicity game in this day & age.

Maybe we'll hear something closer to the full story when someone writes his memoirs years from now, when no one would be risking anything--& no one will care much. Right now it's in the interest of everyone involved to put the best possible face on what transpired.

Myself, I am going to reserve judgement until McKinnie & the Ravens part company. I'll take whatever he has to say then with a large grain of salt--but I won't dismiss it out of hand either. Disgruntled former employees aren't above taking gratuitous shots at the old workplace; OTOH, they are also free to speak without risking retaliation--especially if their new job is the last one they'll get in the field before retiring.