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    Re: Webb Recovery Time and Long-Term Prospects

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    Webb has a high salary, low bonus contract with a big roster bonus coming up soon. Does it really make sense for us to pay top 5 CB money for a player that may never be the same, and we were able to win a SB without?
    He got a $10M Signing Bonus last year and is due a $5M Option Bonus this year. His 2013 and 2014 base salaries are guaranteed against injury.

    Releasing him would cost them more against the Cap than he is set to count, so there's no way that he's going to be released.

    Restructuring isn't going to happen either -

    1. It doesn't make sense to restructure him and push greater Cap charges into future years; and/or

    2. They've got no leverage to force him to consider an actual paycut - not that they would even consider trying.

    Lastly, they aren't going to pay Webb that kind of money and willingly move him to Safety. They're paying him to play CB and he's going to get every opportunity to do so. So, until he proves otherwise, he's a CB.
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