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Thread: RIP Texan Raven

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    RIP Texan Raven

    Just passing along from Scout.

    I'm sad to pass on the news about Texan Raven, who passed away this morning. His real name was, David Miliman. He was pretty much the main force behind setting up the Ravens Nation beach-head here in Austin, informally known as Nest 512.

    Like many of our crew, he made the trip to New Orleans two weeks ago. Like me, he was part of the generation that grew up with Colts, and had to live through the 12 year drought.

    The cruel irony is that we had scheduled a final post-Superbowl party at the Upper Decks sports bar, today at 12:30 today, to hold us over until next Sept. Dave was a no-show, and we didn't know why. He passed away getting ready for the party.

    I would appreciate someone cross-posting this over at Russel Street Report/Ravens 24x7. I know he posted there too. (I have an account, but everything I post seems to go into the Black Hole or something).

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    Very sad.

    I met him in Austin once when the wife and I were in town for Thanksgiving. We went to The Tavern to watch the Ravens v Niners game.

    He would also post on the Houston Area Ravens Fans page often.

    RIP. Hope is family is doing ok.

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    Re: RIP Texan Raven

    My condolences. Please offer sympathies to his family and friends.

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    Re: RIP Texan Raven

    I just came over to post this, condolences and prayers to the family

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    Re: RIP Texan Raven

    Condolences and prayers for his family and friends. I am glad he got to see the Ravens win the Lombardi again.

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    Re: RIP Texan Raven

    I am very sorry to hear this. May he rest in peace and God bless his family.
    I want a Flacco jersey! Johnny Bench wore #5

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    Re: RIP Texan Raven

    RIP Mr. Miliman.

    And to all you guys and gals in the Ravens Nests, please accept my sincere condolences.

    - rfd
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    Re: RIP Texan Raven


    Always sad to see an old Colts fan hang the spurs up.

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    Re: RIP Texan Raven

    RIP fellow Raven

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    Re: RIP Texan Raven

    Sad to hear.

    Glad that he was able to see the Ravens take the Lombardi one more time before his passing...


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