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I meant the RCA dome but it was originally called the Hoosier Dome when it was built. I thought you knew that.
Do I have to explain everything to you? Geesh.

That 75 team did go to Indy because they loved Jimmy.

I'm not the guy who drinks Ouzo.

History of the HOosier Dome in Indy.

One & the same. The stadium opened in 1984. The name changed from Hoosier Dome to RCA Dome after RCA signed a ten year naming rights deal in 1994 for $10 million. Bert Jones never visited the RCA Dome, or the Hoosier Dome in 1975. He was too busy being chased by Dolphins & Patriots rushers, and, oh by the way, the Hoosier Dome wasn't even a twinkle in Mayor Hudnut's eye in 1975. Do you have e link to an article describing this? I think that you are confusing Bert Jones with the traiterous Raymond Berry.

By the time the Hoosier Dome opened its doors in 1984, Bert Jones was back in Louisiana bailing cotton. I never heard that Bert Jones & Marchibroda visited Indianapolis. Only the turncoat Ray Berry, as other Colt players refused to acknowledge the move and likely did not want to be caught keeping company with a known druggie.