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    Re: Do you forgive the Colts?

    Quote Originally Posted by AirFlacco View Post
    I meant the RCA dome but it was originally called the Hoosier Dome when it was built. I thought you knew that.
    Do I have to explain everything to you? Geesh.

    That 75 team did go to Indy because they loved Jimmy.

    I'm not the guy who drinks Ouzo.

    History of the HOosier Dome in Indy.
    One & the same. The stadium opened in 1984. The name changed from Hoosier Dome to RCA Dome after RCA signed a ten year naming rights deal in 1994 for $10 million. Bert Jones never visited the RCA Dome, or the Hoosier Dome in 1975. He was too busy being chased by Dolphins & Patriots rushers, and, oh by the way, the Hoosier Dome wasn't even a twinkle in Mayor Hudnut's eye in 1975. Do you have e link to an article describing this? I think that you are confusing Bert Jones with the traiterous Raymond Berry.

    By the time the Hoosier Dome opened its doors in 1984, Bert Jones was back in Louisiana bailing cotton. I never heard that Bert Jones & Marchibroda visited Indianapolis. Only the turncoat Ray Berry, as other Colt players refused to acknowledge the move and likely did not want to be caught keeping company with a known druggie.
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    Re: Do you forgive the Colts?

    T - you posted during happy hour, man.

    I explained that they loved JImmy and went out of respect for him. It was a year or two a go and Hudnutz had
    nothing to do with it. I don't know if Bert was with them but a lot of the guys
    were in RCA dome and the pics were taken with Irsay in the end zone.

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    Re: Do you forgive the Colts?

    OK T - Here it is in writing in this mail bag but get this crock of shit.

    Scroll down in link to CHRISTIAN L who asks if Indy Colts treat the Baltimore history with same respect as their INDY history.

    So the guy answers a big yes that Bmore is treated with respect and has a relationship with players from all eras.

    In fact, last year Jimmy Irsay hosted the Colts 1975 here out requisite respect.


    If he really wanted to show requisite respect he should have returned our name. He can still return the history that
    is Baltimore's so we will have our own little corner in the HALL with Baltimore's name on it. The pic of the 59
    Championship game says Indy Colts with a caption that the game was played in Baltimore.

    It was just another dig at us and he wanted to show that he could get an entire team from the Bmore history
    in Indy since only Berry and Shula were amongst the few that made it.

    JImmy actually got an entire Baltimore Colts team in town for pics in the Dome.

    I got my facts right except for not updating the name so I get an A-.

    Next time, do your own google if you doubt me.

    Another link that he was re-united with the 1975 Baltimore Colts and how special those years are for the
    family. He's also in touch with many old Colts.
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    Re: Do you forgive the Colts?

    T, I think you are mis-understanding...

    He's not saying they WENT in 1975...he's saying the players from the 1975 roster went and visited Jimmy last year

    In both links, it indicates that Jimmy reunited the team in 2012 and sometime in 2008-2009. So perhaps they went up right before the dome was demolished?
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