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    Re: Do you forgive the Colts?

    Originally Posted by Real Fan Dan

    Next year the Indy's will have been in Indianapolis just as long (30 years) as the Baltimore Colts
    Quote Originally Posted by camdenyard View Post
    This is very bizarre. Where the hell have the years went?
    10 years of Hell
    1 USFL Championship
    1 CFL Championship
    9 Ravens playoff runs
    4 Division Championships
    2 AFC Championships
    2 World Championships
    plus next season that makes 30! ;)
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    Re: Do you forgive the Colts?

    Quote Originally Posted by esmd View Post
    SB 5 is ours, not Indy's. That'd be like us trying to claim the Cleveland Browns' NFL championships of the 1960's.
    The difference is the name and uniforms. Indy took the Colts but the Browns remained in Cleveland. Look at any Indy source of Colt history and they are definitely claiming the Baltimore accolades and players.
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    Re: Do you forgive the Colts?

    I have long since tempered my Colts hate.

    My first football memory ever is the sight of my Dad standing in our living room, the TV on the live feed of the moving trucks and he's crying his eyes out.

    But like everything in life, time seems to have a way of tempering grief. The drunk asshole finally departing this world, knowing what a crappy town Indy is (including their fair weather fans), Jim actually being a decent guy, etc. Now we have our second Lombardi (and beating both Manning and the Colts to get it, I might add), it's definitely dulled the pain. Having the owner we have now is almost like karma for having to put up with Irsay for all those miserable years.

    30 years later it's definitely not a hate for me anymore. The team seems to have moved on as well. During this years playoff game, the scoreboard did not read "Indy". For the first time, they actually had "Colts" on the scoreboard.

    So yeah, those demons are pretty much gone. I do still correct folks who get the story wrong but this is a Ravens town now 100%.
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    Re: Do you forgive the Colts?

    Quote Originally Posted by RavenScallywag View Post
    But, what would it take for you to let go of your grudge against the Indianapolis Colts and have them be no different to you than the Titans or Texans? Keep in mind, another way to look at it is, when do you think it's fair for Cleveland to let go of their hate for us (I'll leave separate their grudge against Art).
    Easy answer: return all Baltimore Colts records as a different entity than the Indianapolis team. Segregate everything at Canton.

    As to Cleveland: who cares? Their fans were in doubt about their NFL future for about 2 months, while we were in the dark for 12 years. Not even close to sympathizing with those miserable Cleveland fans who used to troll our message boards.
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    Re: Do you forgive the Colts?

    HEY T- And you were a mod even back then when this board wasn't even around running those bastards off the boards.

    How quickly people forget.

    Jimmy could have eased a lot of pain returning the name, colors and history just as Art did for Cleveland. He didn't
    have to.

    The young guys just don't understand our pain because they weren't around to feel it or were to young
    like 3 yrs old.

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    Re: Do you forgive the Colts?

    Quote Originally Posted by RavenScallywag View Post
    One argument I was pondering was this: Now that the Ravens have won two Super Bowls, we technically have the same amount that the Colts franchise has total (SB 5 and SB 41). So in a way, we're back to even with them.

    If you use that logic though...Cleveland will at least have to win two SBs before they would be "okay" with our team. Plus, we would've been even with the Colts after SB 35.
    Superbowl V is Baltimores. the BALTIMORE colts beat the Dallas Cowboys. Baltimore has 3 SB's.

    bisciotti said at the parade, i'm paraphrasing, " we will keep the chip on our shoulder despite this win". i took that to mean Baltimore will always have a chip on its shoulder the way Baltimore was treated by the NFL. The Baltimore Colts were a huge part of NFL history wiht the "greatest game ever played(giants)" and the greatest game ever lost(jets).

    so what would it take to satisfy me concerning the Colts move. Treat Baltimore like Art Modell treated Cleveland. leave the colors, name and records in the departing city. its sacrilege to have Johnny Unitas and all of the great Baltimore Colts to be in the hall of fame under the name of the city that stole the colts in the middle of the night versus Baltimore, the city they played for.

    every city should have a name for their team that reflects their city/state versus hijack the departing cities name and colors.

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    Re: Do you forgive the Colts?

    Three Super Bowl Trophies and 2 NFL World Championship trophies from 58 and 59 plus the 1968 NFL Championship trophy
    and we were in SB 3 while losing, we were the 2d NFL team to reach the SB after the Packers.

    That's as many NFL trophies as Pissburgh has but they don't like to count pre-super bowl stuff because they don't have any.

    Indy has 1 SB trophy in 30 years. We have 2 since the Ravens came here and got the first one before Indy and we
    have the same number of SB trophies as Piss in the CAP era. Hell, we're still a young organization still feeeling our
    growing pains like with the upcoming cap cuts and don't forget, we got this trophy after gutting our SB 35 team a decade

    Shows what good management will do.


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    Re: Do you forgive the Colts?

    [QUOTE=HotInHere;586925]no (Trolley) Dodgers in L.A.,

    dont forget
    AINT NO DAMN LAKES IN L.A. EITHER!!!(minneapolis)

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    Re: Do you forgive the Colts?

    No, I don't forgive the Irsays. I'm old enough to remember (at least vaguely) Matte, Unitas, Morrall, Mackey, Bubba Smith, and others of that era. I have more vivid memories of Bert Jones to Roger Carr, Lydell Mitchell grinding out tough yards, Joe Ehrmann and Fred Cook sacking quarterbacks. They were part of Baltimore, and a part of the experience of my youth. Baltimore deserved far better than what Irsay did to them. I remember the Mayflower vans quite well. So I still hold a grudge.

    The Colts, in my own little football world, are one third of an Axis of Evil, along with the Deadskins and Jets. Hard as it may be for many of you to understand, I actually dislike all three of those teams more than the Steelers. Being a football fan over many decades and seeing a number of franchise shifts, expansions, and division re-alignments gives me a somewhat different perspective, I suppose.

    All that said, I will concede that the Ravens getting their 2nd Lombardi does ease the sting quite a bit. Heck, I was as thrilled as anyone when the clock hit 0:00 in New Orleans. After all, the Ravens are my team of here and now and the forseeable future. And dwelling too much in the past is probably unhealthy. At least, that's what conventioanl wisdom says, right? :)

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    Re: Do you forgive the Colts?

    BTW There happens to be a 9-page debate on the Colts board about how many trophies they have

    I thought this part was interesting

    You don't see Unitas or Berry jerseys for sale in the Colts Pro Shop

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    Re: Do you forgive the Colts?

    I don't exactly see why the Browns were considered to be such a dominant franchise anyway. They've never even been to a Super Bowl. And I don't want to hear the argument about "NFL Championships," if you have to start arguing about accomplishments made over 50 years ago, you know there's something wrong with your franchise. With all of the realignments, contractions, and expansions, I think it's easier to just stick to Super Bowl wins/appearances for the sake of arguments and comparisons.

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    Re: Do you forgive the Colts?

    I'm over the Colts and have been for a while.

    We were season ticket holders and went to just about every game, and they left on my 16th birthday which really sucked. I still have an old Bert Jones #7 jersey hanging around in one of the closets. But I said it earlier this year prior to the playoff game - I'm over it. It wasn't the Colts leaving that hurt nearly as bad as it did Irsay lying his ass off to the fans and to the local media and politicians. We'll never get over what Irsay did to us.

    My dad on the other hand? Don't ask him about Irsay to this day or he'll be grabbing his blood pressure meds.

    Ghe way I look at it is this. We've had it better than them over the last 12 years as far as I'm concerned. Their over-achieving regular season QB seriously under-achieved in the playoffs. They are the Atlanta Braves of the NFL. Win the division for an entire decade and only get one ring? Screw that.. I like what we've done here much more over those 12 years. Especially the last 5.


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