Tough to not show respect for Ray Lewis. Great players show up in the game to make game altering plays. Ray hasdone this many times personally to stop a score, cause a turnover, or go one on one with a player that wanted to score, but Ray had different plans. I could see him as another Joe Erhman who played defense for the Baltimore colts and turned to religon to help others. Also White from Green Bay.
Joe Flacco has played quietly, while winning, and only recently,when asked, did he say h e considered himself good. He was laughed at by the media and subjected to analizing by the talking heads. Hell, some said he needed to prove it.Then he backed up what he said by having an NFL record postseason.
Ravens organization is one of the best, if not the best in the NFL. Ravens owner, GM, headcoach, and players have consistently done what no other team has in the last 5 years. Playing Ravens football is more then just a saying, it's the teams way in giving their all and never give up until the game has ended.
At this time, the only dis respect would be from the some of the 9ers and their HC. Oh yea, the yearly Raven haters, but that's what keeps them happy. LOL