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    Re: Ravens fan for life now!

    Quote Originally Posted by leachisabeast View Post
    Absolutely silly comment right here.

    Yeah when Flacco and Harbs are gone..... in line ten years. :grbac:

    To the OP, nice man, I'm really considering something my self actually.
    LIB! It was meant to be silly. Just like it's silly to make an emotional (temporary) decision to get inked (permanent). Just like half the jokers on this (mostly the Sun forum) that were excited about the team, then when their favorite player wasn't resigned....or the team had a losing record...or the Ravens lost to the Steelers 3X in a year (that was the worst)...or earning a 13-3 record only to lose the the mutha-effin' Colts AT HOME! (worser than the worst!!)...or any number of frustrating seasons/events we fans have endured.......All those folks were "true" fans till they turned sour.
    All the great franchises had their eye-rolling years. Their true fans stuck with them. I hope the OP has that stick-to-itiveness because there will be rough times.

    Lastly, I was paid for my ink by Uncle Sam (thru employment). I am their walking billboard...for life. If the Ravens want me to market their franchise with this awesome carcass I carry around with me, they would need to pay me.
    After 5 years of early exits, the journey is finally complete.

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    Re: Ravens fan for life now!

    Quote Originally Posted by RedSkins Fury View Post
    Sounds like it's time for a "Post Pics your Tattoos" thread.
    I think there is one already.

    OP - I've been contemplating one myself, what did something like that run you?

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    In total ran me $260 it was just UNDER 2 hours.


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