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Better hands
Better in tight coverage
Veteran presence
Demands safety help
Less expensive.

If you ask Jones to make the catch to win the game with a CB draped all over him he's not going to do it. Moss will. This offense would even ascend to another level. Jones is good in his 'role'. Jones wouldn't be nearly as good if he were the second, or even third passing option in this offense, on a consistent basis.
Then why didn't they throw it to sure thing Moss to win the Super Bowl instead of going to Crabtree all night? What did Moss do in the Super Bowl that let you know he was even playing? It's almost as if you think he's still in his prime the way you speak greatness of him. Tom Brady made Moss's last comeback what it was. He hasn't done squat since leaving Brady!!! Jones left the Texans and helped the Ravens win the Super Bowl. I'll take the current WR's over Moss any day at this point in his career. I don't think any decent CB is scared of Moss anymore. He may be able to school a rookie or two, but most decent CB's can contain him. The stats you posted proves he's no longer a threat