"As for having the wind to our back in Cleveland in the 4th quarter, what about the other half of the game where the wind was in our face? Or was the wind only a factor in the final 2 minutes of the game? I'm not a meteorologist, but...you get the point."

Well did Stover make a 52 yard field goal at any other point in that game?

And also...Marty plays Marty ball and beats lessor teams...but chokes in the playoffs because he is too conservative. I'm not a huge Shanahan fan, but he woulda stepped on our throats today...no way he sits on a 6 point lead like Shottenheimer did. The fact that they missed a FG and botched a snap on one is moot, because with a different, ballsier coach with a killer instinct, they score at LEAST another touchdown this game and put it out of reach well before McNair had a chance to complete the drive.