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    SportsPickle satire on McNair signing last year.

    If you are a sensitive Boller fan, don't read this.

    Ravens Receivers Struggling to Adjust to Passes Hitting Them in the Hands

    Hopes are high in Baltimore where the Ravens finally have a legitimate quarterback in Steve McNair. But the former Titans star is having a difficult time developing chemistry with his new receiving corps.

    “I just can’t get used to McNair’s passes,” said tight end Todd Heap. “I’m used to having to pluck the ball off of my shoe tops or leap way in the air or twist awkwardly behind me in hopes of getting a finger on the ball. That’s how it was with Kyle Boller and Anthony Wright. But Steve’s passes are always smacking me square in the chest. It’s kind of rude. And it hurts.”

    Wide receiver Derrick Mason played eight years with McNair in Tennessee before joining the Ravens in 2005, but is struggling to get back on the same page as his longtime quarterback.

    “I had to completely unlearn everything I knew about being a wide receiver when I joined the Ravens,” said Mason. “I used to expect the ball immediately when I was coming out of my cuts, but I had to realize it could come at any time in Baltimore. It could hit me in the back of my helmet when I wasn’t ready. A pass could come my way when I was on the sidelines. I could have a pass thrown to me when I was supposed to be run-blocking. Anything. And the biggest thing was that as a Ravens receiver you play defense first and try to deflect the ball away from the defender before you even think about catching the ball yourself. I had to work so hard to adjust to the way things are done around here, I practically became brainwashed and can’t remember anymore what it’s like to be a non-Ravens receiver. This having catchable passes actually thrown near you thing takes some getting used to.”

    But the new Ravens quarterback feels he will eventually start clicking with his receivers.

    “Eventually these guys will come to realize that it’s a lot easier when the ball is thrown to them,” said McNair. “And even if not, I’m sure that the more Brian Billick gets his claws into me I’ll start becoming more and more inaccurate, and soon it will be like old times here.”

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    Re: SportsPickle satire on McNair signing last year.

    It has also been much less physically demanding on our receivers when they only have to run 5 yard routes.


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