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    Re: Turn Ravens Walk into LEGENDS LANE

    Quote Originally Posted by Marchetti View Post

    I have an idea about player statues I've been pushing for a couple of years now and that is to change Ravens Walk into LEGENDS LANE.
    Only Hall Of Famers qualify, past and present. Ray Lewis and Jonathan Ogden being the first two Ravens to be inducted into the HOF and also being the teams first two draft choices and the foundations in the early years of the franchise will get the first two places of honor.
    Great idea Gino. I'm all for it, but like all great proposals you have to consider the funding. To be honest with you, i'd rather save the money to memorialize real legends - that would be the future leaders we desperately need to renounce the corruption of special interests and figure out how to save our country by restoring it's economy and it's moral principles...

    ... Ok, so maybe I'm getting a little too deep here.

    Seriously tho, if Mr. Bisciotti wants to commission a statue of Mr. Lewis (or the whole lot for that matter) I'm all for it. Just not out of public funds. I also think maybe we should wait a little while, or do it gradually. Winning a SB then creating a menagerie of statues looks a little pompous you know, and that's just not us.

    Finally a little hair splitting on the details. If you're going to include Ted Hendricks for the Baltimore Colts, i suppose you'd have to include Rod Woodson and Shannon Sharpe for the Baltimore Ravens. Maybe you put those guys names on a plaque as HOFers who played for Baltimore, but don't commission statues for them.

    Either way, just like you i'm all for preserving Baltimore's football legacy. After all, there's alot of younger fans who hardly remember the Ravens first Superbowl, let alone the legends that were known as the Baltimore Colts.
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    Re: Turn Ravens Walk into LEGENDS LANE

    thanx for your support and input. I'm sure there are differing opinions about just how to execute and I'm certain if LEGENDS LANE were to become a reality that all the details I've listed wouldn't necessarily be exact. If their number is in the ring of honor as a Hall Of Famer on that banner and their identity as a ball player is that of a Baltimore player then they get a statue. (reggie jackson sure ain't getting a statue at OPACY even if the O's had won a WS in '76 lol not that Rod or Shannon are in his category but I think you get the picture but on the other hand I wouldn't mind at all if Shannon and Rod did...that would be up to Steve B and the Ravens.)

    The plaque idea is cool too.

    Public money was never a consideration at all. Biscotti and maybe private donors.
    "Unitas was so outraged that he cut all ties to the relocated team. Other prominent old-time Colts followed his lead. After the NFL returned to Baltimore as the Ravens for the 1996 season, Unitas and most of the other old-time Colts regarded THE RAVENS as the TRUE SUCCESSORS of the Baltimore Colts!"

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    Re: Turn Ravens Walk into LEGENDS LANE

    Quote Originally Posted by Ravenswintitle View Post
    The first thing we tell new comers to the stadium is to be sure to take in Ravens Walk.

    I do, too. Ravens Walk is an attraction by itself. I tell visitors that they would be better off cruising Ravens Walk, with cheap sndwiches & beer & live bands, than crashing tailgate parties Unfortunately, most visitors I get do not use Lots B/C (sold to club and Suite ticket holders), and Lot A is sold out on a seasonal basis. So Ravens Walk takes an out-of-the-way hike

    Quote Originally Posted by Ravenswintitle View Post
    so if you guys never go there, you wouldn't see the statues ? (assuming this moves forward).
    I'd go over to Ravens Walk once or twice per season
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