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    Re: B/R NFL 1000: Top 65 Quarterbacks

    There's no way Matt Ryan has the same arm strength as Joe Flacco.

    If Ryan really is a 19 (Ha!) then Flacco is a 38.

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    Re: B/R NFL 1000: Top 65 Quarterbacks

    Quote Originally Posted by redramsam View Post
    I'd like to point out that Matt Miller also power ranked the Ravens behind the 9ers the day after the Super Bowl:

    The guy is an asshole, and most of the time he's a stupid asshole.
    Yes, I will agree with you.
    Frankly, I think Seattle is the team to beat next season in the NFC.
    Their coach has the pulse of the college ranks and will probably add more talent around Wilson.
    And at the end of the season, the talkingheads left out the drubbing the Niners took from the Seahawks.
    I think the Seahawks will knock the Niners out during the playoffs.
    So this offseason, while the Niners sit on their roster, the Seahawks will pick up more talent to move past the Niners.
    That is my viewpoint. This was the Niners chance to win it all and they choked.
    Their OC lost the game for them the same way our OC lost the AFCCG last season.
    If the road goes through Seattle, the Niners will not get past them.


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