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LOL at Matt Ryan having as strong of an arm as Flacco.

If they are ranking arm strength on a scale of 20...Matt Ryan should be around a 14-16 at best.

Just watch the playoff game against the Niners. Dude's passes were D-Y-I-N-G after 15 yards unless he put a ton of air under them. To make matters worse...he plays in a dome.

I just don't understand.

Some guys are just destined to be media darlings I suppose.
Yeah, I mean, if you wanna sit there and argue that Matt Ryan is a better qb, thats one thing. I dont agree with it, and never have, but still, Ryan is a very good qb who does a lot of thing well. However, youre gonna sit there and try to tell me that his arm strength rating,(which I think they are trying to say it means something other than pure arm strength, which is retarded) is equal to Flacco? That is lunacy. Flacco has a bazooka, Matt Ryan has...well...a right arm.