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    (off topic) Happy Valentine's Day to all

    This is my 22nd Valentine's Day with the lovely Mrs. CincyCat. Having a quiet night just watching TV and following sports. Mainly because we work long hours and enjoy our time together.

    Hope you all are having a wonderful evening.
    I want a Flacco jersey! Johnny Bench wore #5

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    Re: (off topic) Happy Valentine's Day to all

    Same to you and yours. I'm sick as a dog, but my gf and I had a great relaxing VD.

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    Re: (off topic) Happy Valentine's Day to all

    Happy VD to yinz & yourn...all 7 minutes left of it...

    Seriously, kids, this is just another scam to sell flowers, chocolates & greeting cards.

    The most appropriate VD card I ever got was from a woman who led me on a merry chase for most of the second-third of my lifetime to date. The front was a cute little cartoon mouse clutching a big red valentiny heart, with the caption, "Will you be my Valentine?"

    Inside caption: "It's a thankless job, but someone has to do it."

    Truer words never printed.


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