Because Joe Flacco just had an amazing four game playoff stretch, and Aaron Rodgers just had an amazing FIVE YEAR STARTING CAREER.

There is not one metric where Joe Flacco outperforms Aaron Rodgers. Not one. His best regular season mirrors Rodgers' worst. Both have one SB MVP and win, and Flacco's been playing with better teams over the past five years.

You guys act like playoff wins by a QB is the only important metric out there to evaluate a QB. That's nice when you use that as a single metric. But if you want to complain about how Flacco is even better than he looks because, for instance, Lee Evans hanging onto that ball would have given him another win, let's also not pretend that Flacco deserves that 4 of 10 win. And let's also stop pretending that it's the only metric that matters. It's not.

I don't hear a single person trying to argue that Eli Manning is a better QB than Aaron Rodgers. Yet the guy's 8-2 with an incredible four games with a > 114 QB rating.

So feel free to argue it if you want, I guess. Let me know how that goes with non-Ravens fans. I'm pretty sure I'll have given a whole lot more cordial response than most would. Allow me to demonstrate how a typical discussion will go with a non Ravens fan...

[RSR Member]: "I'd rather have Flacco at QB than Aaron Rodgers. Dude's got more playoff wins in his first five years than anyone ever. He won a SB faster than Rodgers. He's better."

[Non-Ravens fan]: .....

[RSR Member]: "Seriously. Flacco's better."