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@ bacchys

Stafford and Rivers are both better than Fitzpatrick.
So is Dalton arguably.

Otherwise your rankings are a virtual mirror of my own:
I can't stand Rivers, and his mental issues override his talent, imo. I don't know what his problem is, but it detracts from his team's ability to win.

Putting Stafford over FitzPatrick is reasonable. I put Fitz up because he has very similar numbers (save in total yards) and he's throwing to Stevie and not Calvin. The Bills are not as good a team as the Lions.

Dalton is better, I think, but I'd already ruled out putting any of the young guys (three or less years) in the top ten simply because the sample size is too small. RGIII posted the third best QB rating in 2012 and a whopping 8.14 yards-per-attempt. I want to see what he does over three years- with defensive coordinators having more film on him- before deciding he's among the best. If I were going to put Dalton in over Fitz (or Stafford), I'd have to put Griffin in the top 5.