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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigfish View Post
    This year.
    Week 5 = Ravens 9, Chiefs 6
    Week 11= Ravens 13, Steelers 10
    Week 12= Ravens 16, Chargers 13

    Winning those games saved the season.

    Games we lost Joe had a bad game.

    Week 7 = Texans 44, Ravens 13 - the game was never contested.
    Week 13 = Steelers 23, Ravens 20 - that was the home game lose that broke the streak.
    Week 17 = Broncos 34, Ravens 17 - some of those points were garbage time.
    San Diego he payed a pretty good game, I thought. He threw for over 350 yards and had no interceptions. I wouldn't count that. He also had a great game against the Redskins that we lost anyway, so that cancels out one of the two bad games he had that we won... So really his win loss record this season only benefited from one bad game that we won anyway.

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    Re: Where Does Flacco Rank Amongsts the League's Best QB's?

    Quote Originally Posted by NCRAVEN View Post
    A lot more. Rodgers does more behind a terrible o-line than Brady does with a very very good o-line.

    And I also like Big Jen over Brady all things being equal.

    If we're talking purely on talent level and not age or talent around them for me it would go.

    Big Jen
    Why do you have Big Jen so high?
    Joe has better numbers and more wins through 5 years than Big Jen.
    Joe has 102 -101 Tds. 17,633 -14,974 yards 56 - 69 Ints. The only stat where Ben is better is comp %. 63 - 60. I believe Ben won his 2nd Super Bowl in his 5th year.

    Not sure I can put Joe in front of Brees.

    Brady - although sliding
    Eli Manning
    Peyton Manning -- body is already failing

    I am not really considering any rookies. I think players should play 3 years to see if they are going to continue to progress. Sometimes going to a bad team with low expectations gets early results. But as the team has success and pressure mounts the player starts crack a little. Romo puts up great numbers but folds in big situations.

  3. Re: Where Does Flacco Rank Amongsts the League's Best QB's?

    I'm basing my rankings on how I expect these QBs to play next year, so these are my projections for 2013 (Excluding all 2012 rookies/1st year starters).

    1) Rodgers
    2) Brees
    3a) Flacco
    3b) Brady
    4) Ryan
    5a) E. Manning
    5b) P. Manning
    6) Stafford
    7) Roethlisberger
    8) Schaub
    9a) Dalton
    9b) Rivers
    10) Bradford

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    Re: Where Does Flacco Rank Amongsts the League's Best QB's?

    Any list with Eli before Flacco is counting rings. That's fine, but C'Mon Maaaaan!

    Flacco never had a Plaxico (pre-self inflicted gunshot wound) or a Cruz. I mean Cruz is a YAC master. Can anyone imagine a decent QB getting less than 4k passing yds with the receivers on the Giants' SB teams?
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    Re: Where Does Flacco Rank Amongsts the League's Best QB's?

    Quote Originally Posted by SuggsKill View Post
    1. Brady
    2. Manning
    3. Rodgers
    4. Brees
    5. Luck (for next year)
    6. Flacco?
    Right now he's #1.. Haven't you heard, won the SB and was named MVP.
    Who's better than that ?

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    Re: Where Does Flacco Rank Amongsts the League's Best QB's?

    I can never rank QB's, way too many factors to consider.

    Hell under perfect conditions anybody can throw the ball and as long as someone catches it they will look good doing it.

    Are we talking TD throws into the end zone or a 5 yard pass and a 20 yard run after the catch to the end zone?
    Is it a pass first or run first offense?
    What kind of o-line does the QB have to work with? Anyone running for their life 80% of the time is going to miss throws.
    What kind of receivers does he have? If they don't catch what you throw your numbers suffer.
    I don't count wins and losses since they win and lose as a team. If you lose games because your defense sucks but you throw 3 tds every game who's fault is that?

    Terrible defenses have made bad Qbs look great and great defenses have made great Qbs look terrible.
    Can't use SB wins either, mediocre QB's have won it.
    Mark Rypien
    Brad Johnson
    Jeff Hostetler
    Trent Dilfer

    Flacco is clearly better than all those guys but they all have a ring.

    Lets not forget big Jen was 9 of 21 for 123 yards and 0 td's and 2 int's in his first SB game and the squeelers won, did that make him a great Qb? His second time around was a little better with 1 td and 1 int. Had Warner not thrown the int and the squeelers hadn't gotten away with numerous penalties on the runback for a td Arizona should have won that game. Third time around? 2 tds and 2 int and a loss to Green Bay. How does he qualify as an Elite QB? Just because he extends plays and gets hit a shit load? We all see where that has gotten him, he can't stay healthy for a full season anymore.

    Way too many things to consider.
    I will be happy in the knowledge that #5 Joe Flacco to date is the best QB the Ravens have ever had. Joe Flacco has won the SB and played great ball through out those playoffs. Joe Flacco WILL sign a very lucrative deal and he deserves it and will hopefully improve year to year and we may see another ring during his tenure.

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    Re: Where Does Flacco Rank Amongsts the League's Best QB's?

    Flacco is a better QB than Roethlisberger. Where he's not better is in a very specific area, and it's that area on which Roethlisberger's success has been based: passing after getting hit by a defender. He's the best I've ever seen in that respect, though he slid down a bit this year. I don't doubt injuries played a large part of that slide.

    Roethlisberger has good accuracy and good arm. He's decent at making decisions in the pocket. He doesn't do anything particularly well except he's able to shrug off would-be tacklers and make a play down the field better than any other QB in the NFL. Tebow is better at shrugging the tacklers, but his arm rules out the rest happening with enough regularity to overcome Big Ben in this regard.

    I haven't seen enough of Cam Newton. He's a big, strong kid with a strong arm, so he might give Roethlisberger a run for his money in this regard. RGIII, Wilson, and Kaepernick are certainly elusive and mobile, but a good hit brings them down (see Kruger on Kaepernick in the SB).

    I'd rate Rodgers as the best in the biz going into next year, with Brees a close second. Both are very mobile for QB's, make good decisions (Brees's INT-fest this year notwithstanding), and adjust well on the fly when something breaks down in the play.

    Brady may not have the arm Flacco, Rogers, or Brees do, but he's still a quick decision-maker and is very accurate with his throws. Simms talks about working out for Walsh, and Walsh kept telling him to throw "softer." A cannon arm is nice, but accuracy and decision-making are more important traits, and Brady has both in spades. He also uses his feet well, though in that category he's more like Marino or Manning- he can buy time in the pocket more than get out and threaten with his feet.

    I'd take Flacco over Brady going into 2013, but I'd rate Brady over Flacco at this point just because of that decision-making. Brady has that ability great QB's usually seem to have: he just knows where everyone is on the field and finds the open man quickly because of it. Flacco can make throws Brady can't, but I don't think he sees as many open receivers as Brady. So why would I take Flacco over Brady? Durability. Flacco is a bigger, stronger body who can absorb hits I don't think Brady can.

    So, Rodgers, Brees, Brady, Flacco...after that it gets trickier. I don't rate any of the rookie, second-year QB's in the top ten regardless of what they did last year because that's just not enough time to see how they play as the NFL adjusts to them. Andy Dalton wasn't quite as impressive in year 2 as year 1 (I'm not sure what his stats were, but he had some sophomore blues by my eyeballs).

    Manning is still quite effective, and he has the same vision/decision-making as Brady, if not better. So put him in at 5.

    Six through ten, I'd put E.Manning, Roethlisberger , Ryan, Schaub, and FitzPatrick in no particular order...

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    Re: Where Does Flacco Rank Amongsts the League's Best QB's?

    Not a fan of Rivers. (I really hate him on the field)

    He is a top ten QB. He is probably that non winning SB-QB I would rank first.

    In 2007 and 2011 he destroyed our defense.. in a way only Peyton did/does to our D.

  9. Re: Where Does Flacco Rank Amongsts the League's Best QB's?

    @ bacchys

    Stafford and Rivers are both better than Fitzpatrick.
    So is Dalton arguably.

    Otherwise your rankings are a virtual mirror of my own:

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    Top 3 are inarguably Rodgers, Brees, Brady. Then it's Flacco, Big Ben, Eli, Peyton in any order you see fit. After them it's Ryan at the top of the pile of Romo, Cutler, Stafford, Rivers. Again any order under Ryan. Then it's Cam, Kap and the rookies and then everyone else.

    There's no way I put Fitzpatrick in the top 15, let alone top 10.
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    Re: Where Does Flacco Rank Amongsts the League's Best QB's?

    Quote Originally Posted by ActualSpamBot View Post
    Not that I agree that Luck won't be great, but 1 year ago people said the same thing about Cam Newton and he followed that awesome season up with a pretty mediocre sophomore campaign.
    Cam Newton's first year was awesome in fantasy football only because he ran for 14 tds. Really both years were pretty similar. He is a promising QB in a poorly run organization with average receivers.

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    Re: Where Does Flacco Rank Amongsts the League's Best QB's?

    The reason why I would say that Aaron Rodgers is the best QB in the league is, because of what he can do when his protection breaks down. Tom Brady can't do that. He looks like a completely different QB when his protection breaks down. For Rodgers to have accomplished what he did last year, with all of the offensive line issues they had, was impressive.

    The reason why I rank Joe Flacco second is his arm strength. Most of the top guys have confidence out of this world. However, who else amongst the best could make the throws that he made, to any area of the field, in the type of weather conditions he made them in? 55 yards through the air, with that trajectory, on the money, in zero degree weather and high altitude?

    Now, this is where it gets murky for me. Brees is great, but turns the ball over way too much. Brady is great, but he looks like a different guy if you even breath on him. Peyton Manning is great, but he has traditionally struggled outdoors in the playoffs. Eli Manning is great, but he is wildly inconsistent. I would need more time to think about this portion of the rankings.
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