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I think that is why we need to hold our breath a bit on Flacco...Last year, Eli went out and said he thought he was in the Tom Brady class of QBs. He got roasted for it, but he took his team to the Super Bowl and won the Super Bowl MVP, for the 2nd time. And look where he was this year. Now, granted, he's almost always had worse INT numbers than Joe did, but he had a step back season, when everyone in New York was probably thinking "Eli just went out and proved he was good enough to be a Super Bowl MVP AGAIN, he's clearly in the elite class now".

So while clearly Flacco is ahead of Eli RIGHT NOW, it could flip flop in a season.
IMO - and I don't know how this doesn't factor into these types of discussion - Flacco's age in comparison to other's needs to be a VERY important determining factor.

Peyton is 36 years old. He's not likely to get any better. His arm isn't what it used to be. He probably still has lingering issues in his neck. He is trending downwards.
Brady will be 36. He likely isn't going to get any better. Hence, he is trending downwards.
Eli is 32 and while he has flashed brilliance from time to time, he has likely peaked and is as good as he is going to be (which isn't bad...btw).
Aaron Rodgers is even going to be 30 next season. He is arguably the best QB in the NFL and could potentially get better, but likely has peaked as well.

Flacco JUST turned 28 and has been trending upwards (slowly until the playoffs/SB this year) pretty much since he got into the league. If we argue that QB's peak between 30-34 years old, then it is reasonable and logical to think that we haven't seen the best of Flacco at all. Frankly, if he continues to be successful (as we saw in the playoffs) under Jim Caldwell, then I don't think there is any doubt that he will at least be a Top 3 QB for the next 4-6 years.