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    The most important thing from yesterday's game...

    It wasn't Rolle's coverage or Reed's coverage, or how "lucky" our offense was or anything like that. Those might be important details to note, but there is something more important than that.

    There is only one thing from yesterday's game that should dominate your mind right now. There is only one thing that was completely and utterly inexcusable. I can respect Rolle getting burned or being outplayed, he's an athlete and that will happen. I can respect the way Ed Reed plays his position and I realize the risks and the rewards that come with that style of play. And I understand Boller had some good bounces here and there that, without them, we wouldn't have had the luxury to make a comeback in the first place. And I also realize we were outplayed and probably deserved to lose, and we got what we deserved. But those things didn't land the knockout blow to our Ravens yesterday.

    Right now, the mismanagement of the clock is the biggest, the most important, the end-all, be-all Issue of All Issues in the Universe of Ravendom. This drove the proverbial nail in our coffin, in a game that I feel very, very, very confidently we had a legitimate chance to win. If you saw the Seattle game in '03, you know what I mean.

    This wasn't a blown assignment or being outplayed, this was quite simply an embarrassing and pathetic *lapse in awareness and concentration* that was just as devastating as any player, coach or scheme that the entire Carolina Panthers organization had to offer yesterday. We basically handed away a perfectly legitimate shot at victory...for absolutely nothing in return. Not only is that insulting, but given how hard it is for teams to win in the NFL when the other team is trying to throw roadblocks at you, can you imagine how hard it must be when you're doing the same to yourself on top of that? It's practically impossible.

    I don't care who is technically "responsible" for calling one of our THREE timeouts inside of 2 minutes to play, or who was delegated that responsibility, but I do know that if I were the head coach of this team, I would recognize that if the team doesn't use its timeouts, it is going to put me in serious jeopardy and under some serious scrutiny. If I'm the head coach, I would recognize that there is no way as an employee of the team that I can afford to have this type of mistake made. It's way too risky.

    In other words, Brian Billick was asleep at the wheel while the train was crossing the tracks, and he KNEW the train was going to come. That is absurd and goes far beyond anything I can fault Rolle or Reed for, IMO.

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    Question Re: The most important thing from yesterday's game...

    I feel your passion regarding time mismanagement! It happens time after time. BB has to 'take control' of the ship during critical times, and this extends to dealing with his players, also, as evidenced during the Detroit meltdown last year. It begs the question - is BB 'srong' enough to do what it takes to steer this ship in the right direction?

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    Re: The most important thing from yesterday's game...

    You know. There are days when I really gotta give it up for you FTB. This is one of those days. Rack that post!

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    Re: The most important thing from yesterday's game...

    O come on guys.

    Calling the TO right away wasn't in the paramaters of that situation!

    All the time, blood, sweat, and tears that go into an NFL game and this staff (Billick) still cannot figure this shit out?

    I haven't posted or read anything about yesterday until now. Im glad the bye is coming up because like Derrick Mason, I don't even want to think about football right now.


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    Well we wouldnt have had a legitmate shot at the end...we let it wind down from 1:44 to 1:27 i believe before we took the time-out. about 17 secs or so....when time ran out their was still time on the play IF they would have punted we would have had maybe a few secs...the 5 yd penalty cost us time, not the delay in time out. if they didnt get that first down we would have had time to get the ball back..not the delay in calling a TO. But even then, its no sure thing to get down the field to get a field goal attempt with no time outs left.
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    Re: The most important thing from yesterday's game...

    Regardless whether they really had enough time or not, the fact that they let the time run off the clock there is simply inexcusable.

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    Re: The most important thing from yesterday's game...

    In the Sun today, Billick said it was his fault and it cost the team 10 seconds. I (and TL) counted something closer to 30 secs.


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