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    First Time In History?

    Was thinking today, with the Ravens winning the Super Bowl AND the Orioles making the playoffs, when was the last time this happened?

    Turns out the Sun wrote a piece on this yesterday. First time in 43 years!

    1970. The Colts won Super Bowl 5, The Orioles won the World Series (Orioles, it's on you to get there this year!)

    And then I remembered that the Nationals and the Orioles BOTH made the playoffs. AND the Redskins and the Ravens ALSO both made the playoffs.

    The last time Washington and Baltimore had both it's football and baseball teams in the playoffs? Well, since Washington baseball hadn't been around from 1971-2005...And the Senators hadn't had a playoff game since 1933...

    This was the first year EVER that Washington AND Baltimore had it's NFL and MLB franchises both making the playoffs.
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    Re: First Time In History?

    this is before my time, but if im not mistaken, the Baltimore Bullets made it to the championship game that year too and lost.

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    Re: First Time In History?

    I remember it well. Colts beat Bengals in playoffs and Orioles whipped the Reds in the World Series. :bag:
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