Its going to be fun to watch IMO. I believe that Caldwell is far more open to creative uses of his personnel and does a much better job than Cam ever did in creating mismatches for Joe to take advantage of. Idea such as using Rice and Pierce in the same backfield, more slants, rolling pockets, and better use of the middle of the field will turn this offense from being inconsistently dynamic into one that is consistently dynamic but yet aggressive in a physical kind of way.

The biggest key for me is keeping Oher at RT and KO at LG. Even if it means saying goodbye to Reed, Williams, Kruger and yes even Ellerbe then so be it. LT has to be a priority. Draft/FA whatever they have to make sure to address the position. You do not give your franchise QB a monster deal like Joe is going to get and then leave him exposed with holes in your Oline.