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    Re: Do you miss having an elite defense?

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    I miss it but in today's NFL defense doesn't win Championships anymore. You still need a good defense but it's more important to have a top QB with offensive weapons.
    I do not know if that ever was the case, but it really has not changed. We were talking about the 49r dynasty squad and just how dominant the D was even though Joe and the O got most of the glory. The Dallas dynasty had a nasty defense as well. The Steelers have 2 rings recently with a top defense helping a franchise QB. The Giants did not have a top regular season D, but were getting after elite QBs like crazy on the SB runs. The Pats have not won it all since they downgraded on defense (and got caught cheating). The Superbaugh this year had the teams with the best defenses going at it. Defenses that fell apart almost instantly when the elite DL got hurt.

    For a while the trend was going to spread pass attacks and away from the run. Now the trend the sprint option, and teams that are not equipt to stop the run with basically just the DL and ILBs, are getting gashed wide open.

    So defensively the #1 need IMO is a nose tackle and DL talent/ depth. We can find ilbs. Our projected starters Ellerbe and McClain were udfas. I think the pass D is in good shape with Webb getting back into the mix and Suggs hopefully bouncing back to form. I think we can draft or pick up a cheap vet to replace Kruger as the 3rd down rush specialist. The edges of our D are pretty well stocked and should not be tough to fortify. Up the middle does need a big influx of new talent and size to take on the run game and the huge TE passing threats.
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