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I don't see Ozzie moving up in this draft. The team really does not necessarily need difference makers. They need about 4 or guys that can contribute right away. I would never really consider an ILB a difference maker in today's NFL. Ngata is a difference maker at DT so they really need someone who can anchor. I would say a DT that can get after a passer is a difference maker. You can get a guy like Cody was supposed to be in 2nd round. I see his comments about receivers and pass rushers that if there is a guy there that they really like they will take him early in the draft even though it is not as much of a need as say ILB, OL or safety.

I could see Ozzie dropping down to early in the 2nd again. I would like to see them make some moves so that they have a bunch of picks in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. That to me is where the talent is in this draft. After the top 10 or so I think this is strong draft.
That's a good possibility since he's draft at the bottom. The last draft is like the top fo the 2d round so trade
down and pick up more bodies. It always worked before. Can you say Pitta and Dickson.