I figured after a SB win, he would be one of the main media guys.

I know he had an appearance on Ripa (?) and Strahan, but other than that haven't heard much from him.

Maybe he is a little bummed about his playoff performance?

rush - 15/68
pass - 1/47
2 fumbles

rush - 30/131, 1TD

rush - 19/48, 1TD
pass - 3/22

rush - 20/59
pass - 4/19
1 fumble

Playoff totals:
rush - 84/306 for a poor 3.64ypc, 2TDs, 3 fumbles
pass - 8/88

In fact I think his stats this year were a bit of a down year for him. I really hope we didn't burn him out 2-3 years ago with over usage (similar to Turner in Atlanta).

I am glad we have Pierce, because that should push Rice more to maintain top dog status. Even still, I'd be happy giving Rice fewer carries and making him more integral in the passing game such as Sproles in NO.