WNST is doing it this weekend, and I guess it is time, since the season is over technically. The high from winning the SB will last awhile...

MVP: Flacco - If you had to pick one player who was on when we won, off when we lost...Flacco is where it all goes through

OPOY: (I don't like giving it to Flacco too) Boldin or Rice - I don't want to disrespect Rice. He was a MAJOR factor in our offense, both passing and running. 4th and 29 and all. BUT Boldin is the guy who makes or breaks Joe. Joe's emergence this season is mostly due to having a guy like Boldin who can outphysical a CB and go up and grab the ball.

DPOY: Corey Graham or Cary Williams. Our secondary, for losing it's top guy, certainly performed much better than we expected, and both guys were reasons for that. Hard to say which one was better. Honorable mentions to Art Jones, Paul Kruger, and Bernard Pollard

ROY: KO, slightly over Tucker. I feel the need to give Tucker some props here, as it's easy to forget him with Pierce and KO and Upshaw. But really, KO's emergence as a top option at OL was key to our playoff run and keeping Joe healthy again

Unsung Hero award: Jacoby Jones. He won't be in the discussion for OPOY or MVP, but his scoring on ST and his deep play ability at the end of the year opened up a lot of things in the postseason.