I heard Kruger on NFL Live today and the way he was talking made it sound like almost a foregone conclusion that he's not going to be back. I think once you've gotten a ring, the debate between staying with a contender or going for a huge payday tips towards payday since you've already reached the ultimate career achievement.

Still, our defense will probably improve overall. Ray was getting killed by speed and I can't imagine that we could do much worse than him at this point. I think also the rehabilitation of Suggs will lessen the blow from losing Kruger. Webb is also back. My only worry is losing Reed, because I really feel he elevates the play of the entire secondary, despite not being able to tackle anymore.

I think Flacco's deal gets worked out and we don't have to franchise him. I think Joe and his agent realize that it's in his long term interests to be able to re-sign McKinnie and Boldin and maybe extend Jacoby.