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That's Kevin Minter. Very good college player but I don't like him for the Ravens in round 1. He's a smaller linebacker but he's not in the same league as Bobby Wagner or Mychal Kendricks who both went in round 2 last year. If the Ravens are going to take a LSU player in round 1 the guy I like is Bennie Logan. Logan is a 4-3 undertackle or a 3-4 DE. Logan is the guy who makes it possible for Minter to make all those tackles. He'll probably be gone by the time we pick but I would be interested if he's still around at 32.
I know that you know a lot about LSU, being a big fan and all, but I don't see a small undersized LB. 6'1 may not be very tall, but LBs don't need height, and he has a very large frame at 245 lbs for that height. Ray Lewis was always pretty much that size, in fact it took him a few seasons to get to 245-250, and he was 6'0 coming out of college and grew about an inch over the course of his career. To me, he compares more to the likes of a Demeco Ryans type LB rather than a Bobby Wagner.

@32 if Minter is on the board, there may not be better options. Trading down into the second and hoping he is still around may be the way to go.