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    Ravens Video Clip Update!

    Hey guys. In honor of the new forums and the good posters that have come over, I have re-updated my Raven's Preseason Game 1 Video clips. And you'll see a slight change on the movie page too. ;)

    There are three videos for you. Now, for those of you who have had trouble watching the Opening Drive video because of codec problems, I found the issue and it was a slight problem in the way I was encoding the video, so I re-did it and tested it. It should be now playable in all Windows Media Players from 9 up. Trust me, you haven't seen the Ravens go 82 yards downfield on the first drive of a game in a LONG time. So you want to see this.

    Another video is all about Demetrius Williams baby! I don't know what it is about him that I like. Actually, that's bullshit, I know exactly what I like about him. He can catch damn near everything. This video includes the 25 yarder from Boller in triple coverage, the near touchdown catch that was throw behind him (which I put in to show how he got open), a nice out-route for 15 yards, and just a regular catch. I didn't get the block on Musa, but I'll get that into the Musa Smith video I'm making next.

    The last of the three videos I am calling "Kids on Defense". It's Dan Cody, Ronnie Prude, and Mike Smith. It includes Dan Cody chasing down Eli Manning, Mike Smith's plowing of Simms, Ronnie Prude ALMOST knocking down a pass to Tyree (it was worth putting on because Prude really hung with him), Mike Smith embarrassing Sims for a 7 yard loss, and Dan Cody sacking Tim Hasselbeck. I also added the pickup and run by Jermaine Winborne of a Giants catch and non-fumble in the 3rd. I added it because even though it was challenged and called down by contact, it was heads-up play by Winborne to pick up the ball and go.

    I still want to get a Musa Smith video up, but time is short for me the rest of the week. I'll do my best, but it may not happen.

    Anyway, ENJOY!! And Tony, PM me if you want to maybe work something out with this. I'm not talking about money either. This is my love of the Ravens, and my gratitude for being invited here.

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    Thanks Sting, great vids. I appreciate all the time you put into it, I think I've watched that opening drive over 5 times now.

    :179422: Is this icon used for OH YEAH! If so thats how I felt about that drive.

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    Thanks Stinger. Keep 'em coming.
    Admin Steve :uk:
    Screwing up Ravens message boards since 1999.

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    All season long Admin. And this will be the ONLY place from here out that I post updates. :)

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    Thumbs up

    Thanks for the videos, it's great to see them.

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    Re: Ravens Video Clip Update!

    Awesome. Demetrius Williams has some serious hands.
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    Re: Ravens Video Clip Update!

    That is good stuff.........nice job stinger.

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    Re: Ravens Video Clip Update!

    I still cant view them correctly. They keep hiccuping. Is it my connection? I'm using v 10.

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    Re: Ravens Video Clip Update!

    Could be your internet connection. They do better with connections above 768k. You can go to the download page and download them to your PC and watch them like that. That should work better.

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    Re: Ravens Video Clip Update!

    How long till Eagles Ravens highlights?

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    Re: Ravens Video Clip Update!

    I'll work on them tonight when my wife goes to sleep. :)

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    Re: Ravens Video Clip Update!

    lol what else do you do while the wife is asleep?


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