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    Re: The Jacoby Jones thread

    For all you old timers on the board, there is a movie named for Jacoby.

    Mother, Juggs, and Speed!

    Jacoby is a bad ass Mother @&?$;/',
    He did buy a Juggs machine
    And his Speed is unreal!!
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    Re: The Jacoby Jones thread

    All Angles: Jacoby Jones 108 Yard Kick Return

    56 yard touchdown reception,

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    Re: The Jacoby Jones thread

    I was one of the guys, Texans' fan, who didn't want to get rid of Jacoby. My wife & I are still huge Jacoby fans. We like his story, poor kid from LA, from a small unknown school, but made the most of his talent & so far, hasn't let the money change him.

    He's all about football & worked on his game which has improved tremendously his last few years in Houston. His stats have come down, but that's not his fault. As far as the body catching goes, the two plays in question were two balls that he over-ran, they were slightly underthrown, & they were both contested. Not too many receivers are going to pluck those out of the air.

    He's still probably a little slow (in the head) & I imagine he wasn't used much as a WR with you guys because he hadn't got the play book & chemistry with Flacco down yet. But if Flacco can keep putting the ball in front of him, something Schaub will never do, Jacoby will continue to go get it.

    Like I said, I didn't want to see him go. I know/knew we didn't/don't have another play maker on the outside & with Andre getting older, we desperately need someone other than Andre to stretch the field. In several games, including the last three we played against the Ravens with Jacoby, he'd completely rip the top off a defense whether he was getting targeted or not.

    Then when he catches it underneath, his return skills makes him a threat to score.

    I think we let him go, more because of his cap hit than the muffed punt thing. Yeah, that upset a lot of Texans' fans, but our F.O. has made it pretty clear they could care less what we think & are going to do what it takes to win the best way they see fit.

    In my heart of heart, I think we "knew" the salary cap was going to go up last season & was caught totally off guard when it didn't. We had to make some tough decisions & we had to make them fast. Doesn't make sense to straight up cut 2/5 of the best offensive line in football.

    You guys have a good football player who has the potential to be a very good football player for a long time. You'll probably also be our nemesis over the next 4 to 5 years. Still, I wish him the best. I'm a Bolden fan, a Torrey Smith fan, a Ray Rice, Vonta Leech, Ray Lewis, TSizzle, Pollard, Reed, Ngata, & Yanda fan. But I have no problem rooting for you to get your a55 whupped when you line up across from them boys on Kirby.

    Congratulations on your Championship, congratulations on Jacoby Jones.

    But we're going to kick your a55 in your house in 2013.

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    Re: The Jacoby Jones thread

    I bet you Flacco underthrew it to make it look like a punt so that Jacoby would catch it better. lol.
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    Re: The Jacoby Jones thread

    Caught it like the mile high miracle throw. You know it's a catch when he does that. Cradling the ball like that , makes me laugh(you know he is thinking about not dropping it). If Flacco develops an ability to put the ball in the receivers hands, with the receiver still running forward, watch out.

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    Re: The Jacoby Jones thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Shas View Post
    After seeing him on Kimmel . . .
    Best bit was when he said he was glad the lights went out, because it was 3rd and long, and he was too tired to go back out and return a punt so soon after the kickoff return. He said he needed the rest, plus he said he was gagging and puking on the sideline at that point. He was hilarious.

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    Re: The Jacoby Jones thread

    Suggs has named him "dragonfly". Dragonfly Jones!

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    Re: The Jacoby Jones thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Shas View Post
    Although it's weird to fall backward on an underthrown ball. But damn if he didn't get up fast and shake and bake his way in. It's always the pigeon toed guys who are the fastest (ditto Ed Reed).

    I did see the shot of Flacco on the sideline afterward saying that as he released it he was telling himself not to overthow it. He overcompensated.
    It wasn't underthrown. NNeither was the one in Denver. He put it right where he wanted it so the defender would be faked out. Jones knew where it was going to be that's why he sold it so much. If you disagree with this I'm surprised you didn't reply to my post on the preious page.
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    Re: The Jacoby Jones thread

    Quote Originally Posted by ballhawk View Post
    Suggs has named him "dragonfly". Dragonfly Jones!
    I call him Jay Boogie


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