I am wondering if Mr. Steve Bisciotti is considering sharing the Lombardi Trophy with the Fans like the Modell's did in 2001. After yesterday's City Wide Ravens Love Fest I'm betting he does.

After SB XXXV David Modell went out of his way to take the Lombardi Trophy to as many Fan events as possible. The first time i saw it was at the Council of Ravens Roosts Bullroast at Martins West in Feb '01. Coach Billick and Dave Modell pulled up. Mr. Modell had a black satchel case and everybody started yellin "Hey Dave what's in the bag? WHAT'S IN THE BAG!!!" Talk about excitement. He pulled out the trophy, walked to the first table and plunked it down to the astonishment of the good folks sitting there! Dave took that trophy to every one of 120 tables in the joint that day. About a month later I got to hold the Trophy again at an event hosted by Mr. T at his restaurant. In June the Ravens took it to our convention in Ocean City.

The Ravens let an estimated 60,000 fans hold the Silver Betty and they never cleaned off the fingerprints. I was at the Castle for a practice before the Denver game in the reg season and our prints are still on her.

The Ravens Nests and Roosts start having their various bullroasts and such this month. There are sure to be other Ravens type events at bars and restaurants all over town because folks will want to keep the party going!! I hope Mr. Bisciotti appoints somebody in the org to make the rounds with the Lombardi and share it with the Fans like they did in 2001. That was truly one of the classiest acts i've ever seen a sports team owner do and I haven't heard of anyone else doing it in the last 12 years.

Please Mr. B, make it happen man!