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    Re: SI Cover with Jacoby Jones

    prepared to <spit> and <swear> at any minute.. blame it on PMS!


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    Re: SI Cover with Jacoby Jones

    So what was it with the Ray story? did it get quashed? And what is Deer Antler Spray?

    I was relaxed leading up to the Super Bowl and did not even attempt to pay attention to the US media during those 2 weeks, so I dont know much.

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    Re: SI Cover with Jacoby Jones

    If they fire king, banks, and any other Ravens hater sportswriter, I may allow the dog to pee on it.

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    Re: SI Cover with Jacoby Jones

    So the issue that "celebrates" our SB championship is the issue with the PED article, correct?

    The original article, true or not, was kinda pathetic - but when I saw this followup online, there is no way in hell I ever support that magazine:

    In case you don't want to actually go there, it starts like this:

    "NEW ORLEANS -- Ray Lewis stopped admiring himself in the mirror for long enough to talk to the media Wednesday, and he will be pleased to hear that the experience was almost spiritual."

    It only bashes him sooo much more from there. $%^& them. I asked my family to send me down the local paper, that is good enough for me

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    Re: SI Cover with Jacoby Jones

    To briefly summarize -
    A guy who may be from another planet claimed that he and Lewis had a phone conversation that the "alien" videotaped (apparently other planets' populations are not as technically advanced as ours), although nobody has ever seen the tape. The guy produced (I believe) a transcript of the conversation with Lewis, where Lewis allegedly asked a lot of questions about how to use a product that the, guy, had sent to Lewis. The guy alleged that he and Lewis had done business in the past and also with many other "name" athletes in the NFL. The guy also alleded that he had done some brain wave mojo and hologram doo-doo on stuff for Lewis to take.

    There's a thread on this buried some pages back, but if you need more info, let me know -- I have videotapes of MY conversations with Ray Lewis where, although you can't see or hear him, he denies everything!

    Forgive me, I forgot to mention that the guy flew to (I believe) Nawlins before the SB, and held a press conference on (I believe) a sidewalk outside somewhere. Pictures and audio and video recordings of this guy provide some circumstantial evidence that the guy may be from Ur-(or my)anus...


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