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    Re: What should Flacco's target for "elitism" be?

    Quote Originally Posted by Bigfish View Post
    In the 5 years Joe has been in the playoffs he's improved with this year being the best. It's not hard to see there's more upside to Joe. Playoff success is the cornerstone of Joe's accomplishments and the criteria to judging his eliteness.
    I agree. Elway's stats weren't eye-popping. Anyone who watched him play, OTOH, knew he was one of the best QB's in an era when there were several great ones. Montana and Marino were better QB's overall, imo, but I don't think either one could have led The Drive or The Drive II. I don't think either one could have come from 13 points down in Kansas City with barely two minutes on the clock as I saw him do in '92. Elway was elite, and in some aspects he was the best of his time. But just looking at the numbers doesn't tell you that.

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    Big fish, it was a hypothetical, not the situation in the Superbowl.

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