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    I don't get how they can whine about no PI Crabtree flat out pushed jimmy with his arm fully extended

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  2. Re: Flacco on final play to players on sideline: "If he breaks it, go tackle him" - LOL, love this guy

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    YEah I like him as atechnical Xs and Os guy. But as a leader he seems to be a whiner. I get that you should show emotion to say thatyou got your guys' back. But you can take it too far like he does it and for it to be like that.
    Wait until he realizes that he has one less ring than his brother AND his son. He'll probably have an aneurysm.

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    Re: Flacco on final play to players on sideline: "If he breaks it, go tackle him" - LOL, love this guy

    I just got done watching it. The best part for me was when Reed is telling Ray "we love playing defense. This is it for me and you". End of an era. Lol at Ray calling Vernon Davis a joke.

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    There is no way on planet earth Joe was serious about running out and tackling Ginn. Only idiots and Steve Davis actually believe he was serious. He would have been the most hated person in Maryland if he did anything like that and he knows that.

    It's ridiculous that this is even a story, and it's really only out there to diminish what Joe has done this year.

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    Re: Superbowl Replay + SoundFX (Merged)

    The tackling Ginn part is just grim humor. If Joe was dead serious, he would've talked to Jacoby or Torrey, not Pitta, Yanda and the OL. I'm pretty sure it was just him joking with some of his best friends on the team(Pitta and Yanda). If these are the kind of stories we get during the offseason, it'll be an even longer one than usual.

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    Re: Superbowl Replay + SoundFX (Merged)

    joe was nervous as hell....he worked hard all year and the defense did their job and it came down to stopping a fast and dangerous kick returner. i'm sure joe had visions of holliday running through his head. he got excited and nervous and was just running off at the mouth lol. he wasn't going to actually go out there and do that. could you see marshal running after ginn though LOL

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    Re: Superbowl Replay + SoundFX (Merged)

    Any sane person knows Flacco was BSing. But he did show emotion(isn't that what everyone wanted to see). In reality, had Ginn run down the sideline, I would bet that John Harbaugh sticks his foot out to trip ginn..LOL


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